Archery Adventures Plettenberg Bay

If you're looking for a blend of fun, challenge, and the great outdoors, consider an archery adventure at Archery Adventures in Plettenberg Bay. Whether you fancy yourself the next Robin Hood or admire Katniss Everdeen, archery provides a chance to engage your mind and body while enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the Garden Route.

Archery Adventures, established in 2019, is a popular activity on the Garden Route, located in Harkerville just outside Plettenberg Bay. This 3D adventure tour, suitable for ages eight and up, takes you through indigenous forests, offering an unforgettable experience and fun for individuals and families alike.

Once equipped, the adventure begins with a short 15-minute introduction and basic instructions to ready participants for the guided journey along the 3D archery trail. Adding to the thrill, every arrow is scored. As the tour concludes, scores are tallied, a winner is declared, and each participant receives a certificate, along with bragging rights, photos, and an adventure video to commemorate the experience.

Archery Adventures is committed to safeguarding live animals by exclusively using man-made 3D targets. This ensures a responsible and ethical approach to the sport, delivering an exhilarating experience while maintaining the utmost respect for wildlife.

Archery is more than hitting targets; it's a practice deeply woven into human history. Dating back to around 20,000 BC, the earliest arrowheads, crafted from flint, showcase its ancient origins as a hunting technique. Evolving into a crucial aspect of warfare, archery stands as one of the world's oldest sports, connecting enthusiasts to our deep historical roots. 

Archery Adventures in Plett promises not just an activity but a journey through time and nature. Accessible to all ages and skill levels, it invites you to experience the thrill of archery in a responsible and exciting manner. Embark on an adventure that combines competition, history, and the sheer joy of hitting the target.

Ready your bow, aim, and let the arrows fly – Archery Adventures awaits your next arrow-strung adventure in the heart of Plettenberg Bay!

What to bring?  

  • Comfy shoes (you’ll be walking through the forest)
  • Sunblock (Especially in the summer months)
  • Water (or you can also purchase refreshments at the front desk.)
  • An adventurous spirit 

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