Regular cleaning of your home means that your property will be maintained to a very high standard and that potential problems are dealt with quickly.   All you need to do when you arrive is unpack your bags and start enjoying your holiday, we will do the rest.  When you leave, we will clean up and launder the linen and towels. All laundry is done in our own laundry.

Our housekeeping supervisor will open your property, issue instructions to the cleaners, and collect any dirty laundry which will be taken to our in house laundry.  Any maintenance issues will be noted immediately on the electronic workspace for your property.  All basic cleaning materials are included in the monthly fee.  The property must provide all cleaning equipment such as brooms, mops and vacuum cleaners.  The supervisor will also check on progress during the day and make sure that everything is in good order before leaving the property.

If we are unable to perform certain cleaning functions, such as high unreachable windows, then we will make use of an external cleaning service to assist as needed.

Cleans will be scheduled to coincide with arrivals and departures as far as possible to avoid unnecessary costs, however sometimes extra cleans have to be done and will be billed accordingly.

Property owners have a choice of either a one or two clean a month service.