Choosing a rental agent for your property can be difficult.  One has to consider the two main functions of a rental agency, both of which are equally important and must be performed with the utmost professionalism.

A rental agency will not only be judged on how many bookings they can secure, but also how successful the bookings are.Bookings will not happen without marketing activities that are properly completed in a planned and strategic way. See the full list of the marketing activities that we perform here. A successful booking happens when the property exceeds the expectations of the guest. This is why we put so much emphasis on suggesting improvements to owners where needed and recommending market related rates.


It is vital that the respective contractual rights and obligations of the owner and guest are secured, that funds are collected and paid timeously, and accounted for correctly. The rental agent must be fluent in the various legal aspects of holiday rentals, and must have tried and tested processes and structures that support the rights of both parties in the event of disputes.

Our business has been operating as a rental agency in Plettenberg Bay for more than 25 years.  We are confident in saying that using our hard gained experience, we can consistently deliver quality, successful rentals over a long period of time.

Commission rate:
We charge 20% incl VAT calculated on the amount paid by the guest.

Guest payments:
We collect 50% of the booking value when the booking is confirmed, and the remaining 50% is collected 21 days before the arrival of the guest.

Owner Payments:
The first payment of 80% of the net rental earned will be paid to the property owner on the day of the guest’s arrival, or the closest business day thereafter, except out of season when payments are made every Thursday.  The remaining 20% is held in trust with us in order to fund any expenses that may arise during the rental. Eg. plumbers, electricians etc. The balance owing will be paid no later than 30 days after the guest has departed, once the guest’s breakage deposit has been finalised and all other accounts have been settled by us.