Plett Getaways provides a number of services catered to the holiday home market in Plettenberg Bay.

These services relate to the rental, hosting and management of holiday homes.

The different solutions that we offer generally fall into five packages.

  • Full Management

  • Letting only

  • Home Management only

  • Administration only

  • High Season only

Every property is different, and every owner needs something unique.

Therefore we are able to build a solution for you based on your specific needs.

Full Management
The Plett Getaways Full Management package includes all the services that we offer. This package is for you if you want us to take care of everything. We will keep you informed at all times, and you will receive a monthly statement from us listing all the transactions that have occured for your property.

Full Management includes holiday rentals (either exclusive or non-exclusive) and Home Management.

Letting only
The Plett Getaways Letting Only package is for those owners who only want assistance with holiday rentals (either exclusive or non exclusive)

This package does not include any Home Management services, as these will be provided either by the owner or another service provider.

Home Management only
Plett Getaways offers a Home Management only package, that includes all the home management services.

This package is for those owners who want home management but not holiday rentals.

Administration only

The Administration only package is a very limited service offering, that includes paying local bills and key control only.

High Season only
The High Season only package is applicable to those owners who only want holiday rentals for the peak season. Plett Getaways will therefore provide all the rental services with the objective of maximizing high season rental income.

In addition, Plett getaways can provide cleaning and laundry services before and after a rental occurs.