Please note the following:
  1. Keys for the property will not be handed over to Tenant until full and final payment of the total booking value has been received.

  2. Keys for the property will be collected and returned to Plett Getaways who reserve the right to charge a handling fee if the keys are not returned to Shop 1, 27 Main Street , Plettenberg Bay . Lost keys and replacement locks will be charged to tenants.

  3. Once the deposit has been paid to Plett Getaways, the property owner and tenant have entered into a lease agreement with each other.  Changes to the lease agreement can only be made by mutual consent of the lessor and lessee.

  4. If the property cannot be occupied due to unforeseen circumstances that render the property uninhabitable before the occupation date, the tenant will be refunded in full by Plett Getaways.

  5. The tenant shall be responsible for the full amount of the rental, even if they decide to vacate the property before the departure date.

  6. CANCELLATION POLICY: If the tenant decides that they will not proceed with the rental after the booking is confirmed and the 50% deposit has been paid, then the following cancellation policy is applicable:

    6.1 If the booking is cancelled with more than 60 days before arrival, a cancellation fee of 20% of the rental value is charged.

    6.2 If the booking is cancelled with more than 21 days before arrival, but with 60 days or less before arrival, then a cancellation fee of 40% of the rental value is charged.

    6.3 If the booking is cancelled with 21 days or less before arrival, then a cancellation fee of 100% of the rental value is charged.

    6.4 In the event of a cancellation, the occupier is permitted to transfer the booking, as is and with the consent of the property owner.

    6.5 If a replacement booking is secured by Plett Getaways, then the tenant’s cancellation fee will be the difference in the value of the replacement booking and the original booking, but not less than 20% of the original rental value.

  7. Plett Getaways recommends that Tenants take out comprehensive cancellation insurance, including death, illness or any other unforeseen event.

  8. The Tenant may not sublet the premises without the consent of Plett Getaways.

  9. Exclusion from rental : Where the accommodation is taken up, the retention (breakage deposit) shall be used for the replacement of damaged or missing items on the inventory, repair, replacement of damage to furniture or fittings, telephone calls (subject to Telkom rate increases), special hire charges, unpaid rental and any abnormal cleaning charges. Breakage deposits will be refunded within 30 days after the date of departure.

  10. The property is accepted as including all furniture, fittings and accessories “voetstoots” and in the condition in which they are found, and shall be left in the same order and good condition, fair wear and tear excepted. Plett Getaways takes no responsibility for the breakdown or malfunction of appliances during your tenancy, however, we will make every effort to repair any faulty appliances which are reported to us. The lessee shall be responsible for any shortages and breakages during your occupancy. The tenants are expected to leave the premises in the condition it was found on arrival.

  11. If an alarm system is present, it must be armed whenever possible. All household items, furniture (including patio furniture) to be stored in house overnight and whilst the property is unoccupied. Tenants will be held responsible for all/any losses and damages should the above not be adhered to.

  12. The number of people that are permitted to occupy the property is determined by the property description. No extra persons may occupy without the Agents written consent. The introduction of extra persons without permission shall be ground for immediate cancellation of this lease and eviction of the tenant/s with no refund of deposit and/or rental.

  13. Only the tenant according to our records may occupy the property.

  14. Pets are not allowed, unless by prior arrangement with Plett Getaways.

  15. If applicable, the tenant agrees to abide by all body corporate rules and regulations and will familiarize themselves with these rules, a copy of which is provided in the property.

  16. In the event of any dispute arising out of this tenancy, the tenant hereby consents (in terms of Section 45 read with Section 28 of Act 32 of 1944 as amended) to the jurisdiction of the Knysna Magistrate Court for the determination of such issue.

  17. The Plett Getaways in their capacity as the Letting Agent have concluded this contract in good faith and take no responsibility in the unforeseen event that the owner reneges on this rental agreement.

  18. Bank charges incurred on cash deposits and international money transfers and refunds will be for the tenant’s account. Plett Getaways reserves the right to refuse payment by credit card at their discretion.

  19. The tenant agrees to occupy the property at his/her own risk. In the event of an accident or injury, the owner and letting agent accepts no responsibility for any loss of whatsoever nature that may arise during the tenant’s occupation of the property, except for any damage or loss caused by the gross negligence of the owner of the property.

  20. Should the property be for sale, the tenant agrees to allow reasonable access by prior appointment to the Sellers Agents showing prospective clients.