Hosting refers to the group of activities involved with preparing a property for arrival, providing support during a stay and cleaning the property after the rental.

Some property owners prefer obtaining their own rentals, but are not in a position to provide the hosting service themselves.  Plett Getaways can provide a Hosting service as a stand-alone offering to these property owners.

Hosting services are billed at different rates depending on which tasks and responsibilities the host takes care of.  Plett Getaways can be contracted to perform cleaning and laundry only, or only guest support without cleaning and laundry. Alternatively Plett Getaways can perform all the hosting activities listed below.

Plett Getaways charges for Hosting as follows:

  • Cleaning will be quoted on a property specific basis

  • Laundry of linen and towels is billed at a market related rate per KG including collection and delivery

  • Guest support including arrival, 24 hour telephone and Whatsapp support, key control and departure. 15% plus VAT on the value of the booking taken.

Hosting fees should be added to the rate paid by the tenant on whatever marketing channels the owner is using, either by adding it to the rack rate, or splitting it out as a separate charge.