Plett Getaways can list your property on other booking platforms on your behalf. We take care of everything whilst you enjoy the benefit of more bookings achieving the same net rental.

Properties that are listed on these platforms consistently outperform properties that are not listed.  Although it is true that the length of stay tends to be shorter for bookings emanating from these channels, we have found that these platforms contribute significantly in the out of season periods, providing regular income throughout the year.

Main booking platforms available at present

  • Airbnb

  • Booking.com

  • TravelGround

  • Lekkerslaap

  • SA Venues

From time to time new platforms become available which we investigate at the time to establish if there is any potential benefit for our clients.

In order for us to list a property on these channels, the property owner must agree to three requirements:

  • Plett Getaways must have an exclusive marketing mandate.
    This is required due to the fact that bookings are instantaneous. (see below).It is not possible to check with other parties prior to accepting a booking.

  • The owner must agree to accept instant bookings.
    This means Plett Getaways will not contact the owner prior to accepting a booking. As long as the guest meets the criteria of the relevant channel, then the booking will be accepted.

  • The owner must agree to an availability window of up to 12-rolling months in advance. This excludes dates blocked off by the owner for private use or high season

In addition to the rental activities performed for a property, there are some additional activities carried out for properties listed on other booking platforms.

  • Create listing for the property on Airbnb, Booking.com and other channels

  • Ensure that descriptions and prices are accurate and synced across channels

  • Use our expert knowledge of the platforms to maximize interest

  • Deal with all communication with tenants and platforms through the channels

  • Receipting funds from tenant including credit card and cash payments absorbing any bank charges on behalf of the owner

  • Ensure bookings are synced across all channels