Logged - 16th September 2010

We had one of the best holidays ever over this past December period and I think a part of that was definitely made up by the lovely Wentzel house. There is nothing to complain about - only praise and compliments! Brilliant accommodation, wonderful location, magnificent views and super staff. Jan '10


Chiles - TWIN RIVERS - 15
Logged - 16th September 2010

We find your service excellent. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay.  Your service was superb. Jan '10


Logged - 16th September 2010

Had a great holiday. Jan '10


Whitford - BALLANTYNE CROSS (14)
Logged - 15th September 2010

The house was lovely. We found the accommodation bureau extremely helpful and organised. The maps and info about the house, etc was great. July '09


Logged - 14th September 2010

Just a quick note about the accommodation. The house was lovely and we had a wonderful time there. Feb '10


Vermeulen - GOOSE VALLEY - N1
Logged - 14th September 2010

It was very comfortable and more than adequate for our needs. A lovely setting and view and loved the daily visit from thepea-hens! May '10


Malan -
Logged - 14th September 2010

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and would like to return next year. May "10


Thornton - GOOSE VALLEY - Q5
Logged - 14th September 2010

The fact that we keep coming back means we love the place & are very satisfied with the service we get from Accomodation Bureau! May '10


Zietsman - RIVER CLUB - 4236
Logged - 14th September 2010

The property was exceptionally clean. We think your cleaners do a very good job! We would highly recommend the property and will definitely be considering another holiday there. AUG '10


Logged - 15th September 2009

We were a party which included 5 young kids (one less than 1yr) and we found that Phezulu suited us ideally.  The space and openness of the lay out made it perfect for a large group and for entertaining. The planning of the floor levels also meant that those enjoying the two master suites could be quiet and private if they wanted. We all felt the house was wonderful and a great success - we were of course very lucky to have good weather and so were able to enjoy spending much of the day on the balcony or in the garden.  Aug 09