The Robberg Hiking Trail has been ranked as one of the top 35 hikes in the world.


Sharing this honor with just one other trail in South Africa, the recognition serves as a testament to the awe-inspiring natural beauty and dedicated conservation endeavors within the region. 

Explore!, a top travel adventure company, conducted a thorough evaluation, considering factors like trail length, elevation, duration, weather conditions, and the all-important "instagrammability" factor.

CapeNature manages the Robberg Hiking Trail, which is situated in the stunning Robberg Nature Reserve of Plettenberg Bay. CapeNature recently revealed that in the past year, the number of visitors to CapeNature reserves increased by a remarkable 43%. To highlight the Western Cape's exceptional biodiversity and natural allure, CapeNature has introduced exciting new activities such as additional hiking and mountain biking trails (see the Plett Trails app), scenic viewing decks, and thrilling adventures like abseiling in Plettenberg Bay.

Robberg Nature Reserve is a popular destination for both local enthusiasts and international travelers, captivating all with its distinctive blend of mesmerizing coastal panoramas, sprawling fynbos-covered dunes, and an abundant marine ecosystem. Beyond its picturesque allure, the reserve bears witness to a rich history and heritage, with archaeological evidence revealing human habitation spanning over 100,000 years. 

Visitors are afforded the opportunity to embark on exhilarating hikes, indulge in whale-watching excursions, witness seals basking under the warm sun, and catch a glimpse of the elusive African black oystercatcher.

The recognition of the Robberg Hiking Trail as one of the world's best hikes is proof of its captivating allure and diverse offerings. Robberg Nature Reserve, with its unmatched beauty and ecological significance, continues to enchant and inspire visitors on its remarkable trails.