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Pro Dive Plett, a distinguished Dive Centre in Plettenberg Bay, is making waves in the realm of reef conservation through its recent collaboration with the Green Fins Association. Committed to preserving marine ecosystems, Pro Dive Plett offers a range of diving services, from beginner to instructor courses, dive career development, local diving expeditions, and thrilling sardine run tours.

As a newly appointed member of the Green Fins Association, Pro Dive Plett is dedicated to upholding environmental guidelines that promote sustainable diving and snorkeling practices. Through this partnership, the team at Pro Dive Plett aims to raise awareness about the importance of reef conservation within the diving community and beyond.

One of the primary initiatives spearheaded by Pro Dive Plett as a Green Fins member is the organization of five Reef/Shore Cleanups throughout 2024. These cleanups are designed to remove marine debris and litter from coastal areas, contributing significantly to the preservation of marine ecosystems. Additionally, Pro Dive Plett has scheduled a cleanup activity during the week of the upcoming Plett Ocean Festival, which will take place from June 21st to 30th, 2024.

Green Fins Members, including dive centers, snorkeling centers, and liveaboards, play a pivotal role in safeguarding reefs globally by adhering to the Green Fins Code of Conduct and meeting strict environmental performance standards during annual assessments.

The Pro Dive Plett team recently completed the Green Fins Dive Guide Course, further solidifying their commitment to reef conservation. This course equips dive professionals with the necessary tools to safeguard coral reefs and positively influence diver behavior.

Pro Dive Plett invites the community to support its conservation efforts and join in the upcoming cleanups to make a positive impact on the marine environment.

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