Robberg coastal corridor

Published: January 26th, 2024 | By Plett Tourism

Take a walk on the most beautiful wild side with Robberg Coastal Corridor’s latest offering: “Wednesday Wanders on the Wild Side.”

Join to experience the magic of the protected corridor, learn more about their mission to foster biodiversity (and why this area is so important), and preserve and protect this crucial coastal ecosystem.

Walkers can expect to explore multiple caves, glorious rock pools, a steep but fun 3m chimney climb and the spectacular amphitheater that will leave you in awe. The wander is a sample of what the full Inqua Trail has to offer. According to a hiker this summer: “It was truly a hike worth every cent. Freakin’ awesome!”

Please note that booking is essential as this is an exclusive guided trail that traverses private property – it cannot be hiked alone. The trails have been constructed at great cost by the Robberg Coastal Corridor team and all proceeds are ploughed back into the continued management of the corridor. Please visit

Price: R500 for SA residents and R1000 for international visitors. Price includes expert guide, hot drinks, reserve fees and a shuttle back to Robberg Nature Reserve (the starting point).


Times: 8am – approximately 2pm. 

This is a moderately difficult hike that requires a good level of fitness and ability to scramble and navigate some difficult terrain. If you’re unsure, please email to find out more.

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