Plett's beaches are a treasure trove of seashells, but none are quite as coveted as the Pansy Shell. This delicate wonder, with its intricate flower pattern, is a rare find and a prized souvenir.

The Hunt for the Pansy

While Pansy Shells are elusive, the thrill of the search is part of the Plett experience. Look for them at Lookout Beach, Keurbooms Beach, or Robberg Beach. Your best bet is during low tide, especially spring low tide, when the water is shallow. Keep an eye out for small, flat, silver-white discs partially buried in the sand.

Pansy Shell

A Sea Urchin's Secret

Despite its name, the Pansy Shell isn't a true shell. It's the skeleton of a burrowing sea urchin! These fascinating creatures live in shallow bays with their flat bodies camouflaged in the sand. Live Pansy Shells have a beautiful purple-blue hue and are covered in fine spines. After washing ashore, the sun and sea bleach them white, revealing the intricate five-petal pattern.

Live Sea Urchin

Pansy Power

Pansy Shells have earned various nicknames worldwide, but in South Africa, they're cherished for their resemblance to the pansy flower.  While these sea urchins have few natural predators, they're protected.  Leave live Pansy Shells in their natural habitat to ensure their continued beauty.

Finding a Pansy Shell is like taking a piece of Plett's magic home. However, even if you don't find one, the experience and the beauty of Plett Bay will stay with you forever.